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Engine Oil Conditioner

Specifically formulated for gasoline and propane engines, Filtroil’s Oil Conditioners enhances oxidation resistance and provides maximum protection against wear, rust, and corrosion. This formula creates a lubricating film that coats and penetrates metal surfaces to sustain smooth and quiet engine operation. Filtroil’s Engine and Diesel Engine Oil Conditioners are multipurpose super lubricants designed for everything from home use to heavy industrial fleet applications.


This additive is for general maintenance use and is a must for applications where extra lubrication, extreme wear and rust-prevention is required. Can be used on any vehicle, marine, farm, earthmoving, off-road equipment or industrial gasoline engine. Add to your existing oil to effectively enhance the lubricating protective quality of your oil.


The Engine Oil conditioner


Diesel Engine Oil conditioner


Project Introduction for Youtube

Filtroil 汽車機油過濾器 By Ever Green Motors Club

【美國Filtroil納米機油大測試】🔍🚗✨ By Ever Green Motors Club

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